Hi, I am Ben

Developer, Consultant, Speaker

What I Do

I focus on 3 technology layers and I make sure to know them inside out.
I develop your Application and help you build out your development team or get your existing team up to speed on a new technology.


As an expert with years of hands-on expierence I can not only develop your node.js Applications to the highest standard but also get your team up to speed or even help you build out a top class development team from scratch


Working mostly on ehtereum I can design and write your smart contracts but also makes sure it's easy to interact with so you can get from a whitepaper to an actual useful product efficently and quickly


Whether you are an IoT startup or an established company looking to branch out I can help you throughout all technical challenges you may face.

Upcoming talks

I'm speaking at a variety of events in London and the rest of Europe. Do come by and say hi!


Malmö, Sweden

Key takeaways

  • How to use native promises in node (ES6)
  • What are generators and how to use them in node (ES6)
  • What is async/await and how to use it in node (ES7)
We look at depth into some of the new featueres in JS/node and understand how native promises, generators and async/await work in node. After this session you'll not only understand how to use them in your projects but also the underlying concept and how they work under the hood.

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About Me

I was born and grew up in Germany and already as a kid I started to code. I had a little model train hooked up to a computer running MS-DOS at the time and could write little QBasic scripts to make the train go and stop in particular patterns. Since then I've been working with a variety of companies both, in Germany and the UK until I started freelancing to really focus on projects that really make a difference!

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My Works

Here are some projects I worked on recently

Things Connected

IoT Network in London

Working with the Digital Catapult we created a LPWAN testbed throughout London and the rest of the UK to enable startups and SME's to test their product in the real world and get to market faster.

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London Node User Group

As part of ES6 node finally has a native support for promises and generator. In this talk I'd like to introduce you to the concept and syntax of both, show you some ways you may use them in the real world and give a quick lookout what's up next.

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A Virtual Reality Game

I thought I try something different: So I created this simple VR game on the side. If you are into Chess and got a VR kit give it a try!

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Drop Me a Line

Whether you want to hire me, book me for an event or just want to talk: Just drop me an email at ben@sharbit.com and I'll be in touch soon!